1.Tailwaggers Doggy Daycare

3073 Dundas St. West
(between High Park Ave & Quebec Ave)

Our Boutique Doggy Daycare will offer your pooch positive interaction and socialization in a safe, fun and stimulating environment. Fido/Fifi will enjoy a variety of scheduled activities throughout the day including: play time, nap time, walk time, treat time and belly rub time! He/she will return home happy, well excersized, stress-free and dreaming of playing with his/her buddies the very next day!!
  • Over 2400 square feet of play & lounge space!
  • Athletic Rubber Flooring
  • Toys, Treats and Play Equipment
  • Full Day, Half Day and Two Hour Play Sessions Available
2. Tailwaggers Grooming S’Paw

For the finest S’Paw treatments and Doggydo’s in the city!! Your
pooch will be pampered and primped in our beautiful Grooming
S’Paw located at 3073 Dundas St. West (between High Park Ave. & Quebec Ave.)

Bookings by appointment only.

3. Whiskers n’ Waggs

Because dogs are pack animals, they thrive in the company of other dogs. Canine camaraderie is not only encouraged but inevitable during our playful group romps in the park. Our pooches are taken to a fun, safe and natural environment where they play, pee and poop to their hearts content!! You will be at ease knowing that your dog’s day has been broken up by an hour full of excitement, exercise and socialization with his buddies. He/she will come home pooped and ready to snooze the rest of the afternoon away!!
  • $18/per group walk*
  • $27/2 dog households*
4. Doggy Sleepovers

In home boarding in a cageless home environment where your pooch will have his own little vacation while you are away! Space is limited, advanced bookings are recommended.
  • $50/night (less than one week)*
  • $45/night (more than one week)*
  • $75/night (two dog households)*
5. Puppy Backyard Visits

Mid-day visits to provide your new pup with lunch, a bathroom break and some play time guaranteeing a happy little one when you get home. Also ideal for elderly dogs!
  • $12/visit*
  • $22/2 daily visits*
6. Kitty Cat Care

Going away? Working long hours? Who is making sure that Kitty gets her Kibbles?? Visits with Kitty while you are away, including feedings, litter change and lots of pampering making her feel purrrrrrfect!
  • $16/per visit*
  • *Taxes not included
**All Tailwaggers members must:
  • be spayed/neutered
  • have up to date vaccinations (DHPP, Rabies and Bordetella)
  • be on a flea prevention programme
  • have up to date pet licenses
  • have car and park manners
  • be social with other dogs
  • not be toy or food possessive
7. People Perks HOme
  • Daily notes letting you know how Fido/Fifi spent his/her day.
  • Peace of mind knowing your furry baby has been well exercized and well loved throughout the day.
  • Special requests are granted upon availability (ie. appointment drop offs/pickups, plant care, mail pickup, house care etc.).