Our family dog, Gabby, has been a client of Tailwaggers for 9 years. It is a very important part of Gabby’s day and she is always excited when Adria’s vehicle pulls into the driveway. Gabby has used all of the services that Tailwaggers offers, including daily walks and overnight visits. When we go on vacation, Gabby thinks she goes on vacation too!! She loves her time with Adria and her other playmates. Adria provides excellent care for Gabby, she is totally reliable and has been flexible in meeting our needs. Our vet thinks Gabby will live a longer life because she is a happy dog. We believe that Tailwaggers plays an important role in keeping her happy!
Gail K. and Gabby

I am a 61/2 year old Shi-Poo and Adria has been my daytime Mom since I was a puppy. I can hardly wait for my daily pick up to play in the park with my friends! It is hard for me to keep my day’s behaviour a secret from my real Mom, because Adria always leaves a note filling her in on all my activities: whether I was the choir leader for the day, flirting with the boys or just keeping an eye on me after a visit to the vet. A special treat is when my family goes on vacation and I get to have a sleepover at Tailwaggers!! My Mom sends me there because it is just like being at home and she knows that I am happy, safe, and well looked after. For all the time that Adria has been picking me up, she has never missed one day! I am a very lucky girl and so glad my Mom found Tailwaggers!!
Bayley and Marci M.

Tailwaggers is all about customer service: Two legged clients can depend on Adria’s commitment to her craft. In the 10 years that we have used Tailwaggers, I don’t remember one interruption in service. We very often request service at short notice and every effort is made to accommodate our needs. Our four legged clients have been very happy with this service as well. This can be seen when tails start wagging and bodies start swaying at the first sight of Adria….
Gail M., Wes, Riley and Rudy (R.I.P.)

For 12 years Tailwaggers has been taking the best care of Winnie. From backyard puppy piddle visits, overnight stays to daily walks/plays, they have always been completely reliable and very caring. I know that my dog is safe and happy when she is with Tailwaggers. After her playtime with her pals, Winnie is a tired dog and usually needs a stiff drink of cold water and her comfy chair to have a snooze!
Jane S. and Winnie

My wife Barbara and I, along with our Golden Retriever, Stanley, are customers of Tailwaggers. Happy customers of Tailwaggers! The human face of Tailwaggers (and the woman behind all the dogs) is Adria Kowalsky. Adria is a treat to work with. She is reliable, personable, timely and courteous. All of that and good with animals too!! (Stanley insisted that I make that part clear!). So, take it from the three of us that you are in good hands if you sign up with Tailwaggers. You and your four legged friend(s) will be well looked after!
Ian G., Barbara M., and Stanley

Tailwaggers has been a constant part of my and my dog Liam’s life for the past 13 plus years. I attribute much of Liam’s calm but enthusiastic personality to the socialization benefits that Tailwaggers and Adria have provided. In no small way it has shaped him into the wonderful dog he is and it has helped me enormously in achieving my goal of having a happy, well adjusted dog in spite of the fact that I work full time away from home. Tailwaggers has literally been a lifesaver for both me and my Wheaton Terrier!
Pat S. and Liam

We are one of Adria’s first clients. We have trusted her with our dogs and our home for 15 years! Besides being dependable and responsible, Adria is loving and caring. She treats Gracie as if she is a part of her family. Thank you Adria!!
Sandra G., Michael L., Gracie and Emma (R.I.P.)

We have been clients of Tailwaggers for over 4 years and feel extremely fortunate to have such an ongoing, reliable routine for our four legged friend, Max. Rain or snow, Tailwaggers is always a part of Max’s day. He is never disappointed. The daily “report card” of how his adventure went always brings a smile at the end of the day. Whether it’s that he was overly playful or a concern about something regarding his health, we always know that Max’s best interests are first and foremost. Tailwaggers treats all of the puppies as if they were their own. Seeing how much Max looks forward to his walks and seeing his friends, is a huge relief for any pet “parent”!! I can honestly say that it is one of the highlights of his day. Many thanks to Tailwaggers!
Lisa N. and Max

Adria, Thank you so much for such amazing services! We are so impressed by your professionalism and dedication to your clients’ needs. We are very relieved to have found someone we completely trust to take care of our precious Daisy. Looking forward to having you work with Daisy on a regular basis! We couldn’t have a lovely pup without your help!
Jennifer, Aaron and Daisy

We are very fortunate to have found Tailwaggers. We had been having issues with our previous dog walker and were concerned that our dog, Dodger, had behavioural problems. Adria did a thorough interview with us and Dodger and was certain that things would work out. Her calmness and confidence was reassuring and allowed us to trust her with Dodger. Things did work out! Dodger was a welcomed addition to the Tailwaggers family and we could tell that he was well taken care of. Adria provides remarkable service to her clients. She was always positive and happy to see Dodger and left a note after each walk letting us know how things went with Dodger. Adria is also incredibly flexible when it comes to scheduling and goes the extra mile in this regard. If for any reason she could not accommodate our needs, Adria helped find alternatives and followed up to make sure that these met our needs.

HOmeWe have had 2 years of fantastic service from Adria and Tailwaggers and have no hesitation in recommending her to other dog owners. We hope that she opens a franchise in Ottawa!!!!

Robert F., Mike P., and Dodger